Our mission is to provide our customers with the best seasonal fresh cut flowers available that will give them the value and joy to work with products they can trust, so they can focus in creating the most beautiful flower arrangements.


Quality Flowers L.L.C. was founded in March of 1995 by Sergio Tobon who worked with a grower in Colombia, South America where he gained the experience in the marketing of flowers that gave him the edge and knowledge required to offer the local flower shops in the city of Portland fresh products directly from the Farm. The support and help from the grower was very important in the initials stages of the new business. In the nineties most of the market for Colombian flowers was located on the East Coast therefore the idea to open operations on the West Cost was greeted with enthusiasm by the retailers who immediately started to place orders. Thanks to the company’s commitment to offer great service and low prices “Quality Flowers” quickly became an important flower supplier for many small shops. An important part of our business model that has given us the opportunity to offer our clients consistent quality is to pre-order the flowers for our customers. This strategy has allowed us to maintain a very low level of product waste.