Care & Handling


The best way to maintain a high quality product at your stores is by paying attention to the following guidelines:
  • Optimum transportation and storage conditions for most flowers including the following: Alstroemeria, Carnations, Mini Carnations, Gypsophilia and Roses, are 33°F and 85-90% relative humidity.
  • At 37°F (3°C) flowers will deteriorate 2-3 times faster. 3-4 times faster at 41°F (5°C).
  • Keep cooler and work areas sanitized. Discard dead or decaying flowers so they cannot infect fresh product. Do not store fruits or vegetables near the flowers.
  • Process flowers as soon as possible limiting the amount of time they are outside the cooler.
  • Use clean, disinfected buckets/vases and fill them with flower food solution mixed according to instructions. When working with floral foams, soak them in flower food solutions before use. Allow them to absorb the solution naturally rather than forcibly submerging them.
  • Remove the lower leaves from bunches, so they will not contaminate the vase solution.
  • Cut off a minimum of one-half inch from all stems. If you are cutting underwater the tank and blades should be sanitized, and the water changed after every few bunches to prevent the build-up of microbes.
  • Immediately place the stems in the flower food solution being careful not to crowd them into the buckets. Leave the sleeves on roses until the necks are firm and the flowers are hydrated (2-3 hours).
  • Remove any petals that are damaged, bruised or brown.
  • Include at least one packet of flower food with all fresh flower sales. Provide several packets for larger orders to assure sufficient quantity for the customer.


Flowers are alive, even after they are cut. Consequently, you should give them special care. The following steps will help you maintain high quality flowers for a longer period.
  • In a clean disinfected vase prepare the flower food solution, according to the manufacturer's instructions. If there is no flower food available, a mixture of equal parts 7UP or Sprite and water will do nicely. Do not remove the sleeve yet. It will act as a support for the necks while the flowers are drinking the solution.
  • Remove any leaves that may be under water, so they do not contaminate the vase solution. However, keep as many leaves as possible on the stems, because they help draw the solution up the flowers.
  • While holding the stems under water, cut a minimum of 1 inch of each stem with a sharp knife or clippers. Place the flowers in the vase before the stems dry off.
  • Remove the sleeve and arrange the flowers as you like. Do not crowd too many flowers into the vase. Always keep the flowers in flower food solution, and keep this solution clean. Re-cut the stems every 3 or 4 days for maximum vase life. Display your flowers in a cool area away from direct sunlight and air conditioning drafts.